Protecting Eyes with Bimatoprost

Protecting Eyes with Bimatoprost

The most important part of our body is eyes and that is like cameras that capture pictures of all the things that come in front of us. Eyes help us to know things around us by giving a vision of the things that are located there. However, there are various kinds of diseases that affect our eyes and can cause blindness. The eyelashes are an integral part of an eye and protect the eyes from dust and other eyes affecting materials. However, there is a disease which affects the eyes lashes and makes them fall. So to treat most of the eyes problem and the falling off eyes lashes, Bimatoprost is the best medication and has been approved by FDA.  Glaucoma is a disease that put enormous pressure on eyes and causes irritation. However, if this disease is not treated on time then it may cause blindness so to take a proper care of your eyes against Glaucoma, Bimatoprost is the right solution and it gives a soothing and assuasive result.

Bimatoprost is one of the best medications manufactured for treating Glaucoma and though this is a Generic medication, it has all the qualities of the branded medication so there is no need to spend lots of money on the branded medications when you are getting the same treatment with a good medication at the lowest price. Bimatoprost is manufactured by Allergan Pharmaceuticals and also treats Hypotrichosis which is a disease where the eyelashes start to fall. However, this medication is very good in working for the eyes to stop the eyelashes reduction and helps in regrowth of eyelashes. Since Bimatoprost is the prescribed medication, it needs to be applied to eyes according to the doctor’s instructions and should avoid applying it on your own. 

The doses of Bimatoprost eye drops are decided by doctors and should be applied on eyes accordingly and the doses should not exceed the limit as that may cause some complications. There are few important steps that should be followed before applying the medication so that it may not have side effects. The standard strength of Bimatoprost is 0.03%/5ml and the doses are prescribed by doctors. Bimatoprost is easy to use and the process is followed as tilting the head in the position where eyes should face towards the ceiling and the medication should be dropped on eyes ball.

 After applying the medication the eyes should not be closed as the medication may flow out. So the best way to apply the medication in eyes would be by keeping the eyes open and rotating them on clockwise movement which helps the drug to enter into the eyes through small pores located inside eyes. Bimatoprost needs to be used properly as overdose means acquiring side effects to eyes. So try to apply the correct amount as that will show the result in short period. People using contact lens should always remove it before applying medication. However, Bimatoprost is the best medication that treats Glaucoma and conjunctivitis.